Eve earring designed by AVA Precious Goods
Eve earring designed by AVA Precious Goods

Eve earring designed by AVA Precious Goods

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Unique snake earring.

In history, earrings had the property of protecting the wearer.

The snake carries within it a protective meaning, it signifies life and renewal. It holds a garnet in its mouth which gives the one who will carry it strength and courage.

Garnet has many properties, bringing joy and life force, energy and confidence. We associate it with the power of willpower, better self-confidence, and success.

The snake is set with two black diamonds. The black Diamondnatural is undoubtedly the most mysterious of all diamonds. Its sober radiance reveals a unique, refined beauty and goes perfectly with precious metals.

The body of the snake is set with gray diamonds often crossed by bluish shades in their center, a peculiarity which erects them into true symbols of wisdom and security.

We wanted to create this oxidized silver snake because it has the property of bringing confidence and self-confidence. It is supposed to bring charm to the wearer.

Oxidized silver earring 4 gr.
Garnet black diamonds and paved with gray diamonds.
Size about 1.5 cm.
Item sold individually.