My Gypsy earrings designed by AVA Precious Goods

My Gypsy earrings designed by AVA Precious Goods

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This pair of gypsy-like earrings will allow those who wear them to reveal their nomadic and wild side.

In history, earrings had the property of protecting the wearer. 

This pair of earrings is set with a pink tourmaline. The pink tourmaline stone has a beautiful energy that vibrates in the heart chakra, it carries a strong feminine or yin vibration. Yin is known to ignite feelings of joy, hope, comfort and support, and to help bring love and good humor back into your life.

We wanted to burn an Ohm in order to energize the chakras of the whole body.

The synergy of tourmaline and ohm will allow those who wear this pendant to reconnect with themselves.

Small inclusions of gray diamonds will absorb bad energies.

We have used gold that is associated with the heart chakra to help the wearer in his quest for absolute love.

9 carat gold earrings 6.95 grams

Set with pink tourmaline and gray diamonds.